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Guess what. I'm fucking retarded. Yay....


I'm fucking sick. EDC is this weekend. I don't have a temperature anymore...but I am coughing so much. It sucks so bad.

I've been coughing like crazy all day. There's hardly any mucus either. I don't know what's wrong with me, and I only have a few days left to get over it. I don't know what to doooooooo. I'm freaking out. I've been taking all kinds of medicine too. Dayquil doesn't do shit >:| Just drank a cup of some fake ass cvs brand thera-flu wannabe stuff. u__u

I really really really hope I get better soon.


It's that time of year again...

It's EDC time!!! It's two whole days this year and guess what, I'm going both days. It's kinda lame though....my old rave group has sort of died. It's just going to be Lanae, Raph, Ernesto and me. It's alright though. I don't need those other people to have fun! No sir! I'm running out of time to fix my stuff though. I still have a lot more kandi to make, gotta turn that frog into a backpack (to smuggle the goodies in), and sew buttons on my dress! So much to do, so little time. I'm sure it'll work out though. It always does.

It's been awhile...

No matter how hard I try I always forget to update this thing.

So, I got back from D.C.

I had so much fun! I miss Lanae so much :(


I haven't written in this thing in forever. SO, I'm moving again this month. I'm so happy it's ridiculous! No more roaches, no more crazy druggies shootin' up on the back/front porch. I can't wait. Oh not to mention I'll have a kitty again! I miss having one! They make me so happy. And a possible free internet connection. SHORT short super short distance to work. It's like....right next door. Times are a changin' for the better. 

Still with Stephaun. ^__^ The only problem I'm facing right now is trying to find my damn cranberry leggings. Oh...and renewing my medical card....But that can be taken care of. I hope my leggings turn up soon...

Lanae is coming home!!!!!! Now that we have...confessed to eachother our...umm....feelings...I wonder what it's going to be like. I'm defiinitely going to hang out with her more despite what Stephaun says. He's not the boss of me, and I'm entitled to my life outside of him. We'll see how that goes. We are planning to go to Disneyland, her boyfriend's never been. I want some acid too! Tripping on the Alice in Wonderland ride sounds fun!! :D

AAAH I can't wait!

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween today and I don't have anything planned. Big wooptydoo. I guess I'll just ask my sister if I can tag along with her when she takes her kids trick or treating. I kinda..really want to see how they look in their costumes! I also...want to hold their hands. They're just so cute! It's ridiculous. It would've been way cooler if Lanae came back for Monster Massive. Oh well. Maybe next year! At least I'll have more time to prepare my costume. We were supposed to be the Lion and the Lion's tamer! I would've been the lion of course. She would be the tamer! I like kitty cats so it makes sense.

I better get back to work! They've been laying people off left and right! I gotta look busy and find shit to do.


I'm so cold what the hell....

It's a zillion degrees inside this stupid office! 

; _ ;

I've been so hungry lately. I've friggin LOST MY WALLET!!

Somebody feed me


I am so tired of today. I just want to go home -_-

I really want to live at the 420 place. You just don't know...

*deep deeep sigh*

Things are lookin brighter...

For awhile...things were looking pretty grim. Steph was always really mad all the time, which made me pretty irritable too. We went to the property company today because we never got our lease agreement. Turns out we only have a month to month lease agreement. Which means we can leave anytime! We thought it was a year lease..and I guess that's what was making him so crabby. So...things are getting better. I also found another apartment that's way closer to my job...and the address is 420!!! How about that! haha pretty dang shnazzy. I'm getting a raise soon...and since they probably aren't going to get another receptionist to replace me, that means I'll get even more money for doing 2 positions! ^____^ cross your fingers for me!!!

(((Congrats Esther :3 ♥♥♥ Don't forget about me!!!!!!!!!)))

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